COVID-19 In-Store Protocols

We're excited to welcome you back!

Things to Know When Coming In

All clients will be asked to wear a mask and employees will be wearing masks or shields as well.  We have made arrangements for an acrylic shield for your protection while having a massage or facial.

Clients' temperature will be taken by a touchless thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees F will be asked to reschedule.

Clients will be asked to sign a COVID waiver and questionnaire stating that they do not have symptoms, have not had the virus, have not been around anyone who has had the virus or has symptoms and have not travelled internationally or domestically in the last 14 days.  Our employees' temperature will be taken daily and they will be screened for symptoms.

We will ask that clients wait in their cars until texted to come in.  

Clients are asked not to bring in extra items to the salon/spa such as purses, coats, umbrellas and other personal items. Try to limit to keys and credit card.  

Since the virus is spread through droplets, we ask that talking be kept to a minimum, especially during spa services.

For the time being, we will not be accepting cash payments.  Please bring a credit card.  Kim, Julia and Mackenzie can be tipped using Tippy with a credit card.  Norma, Donna and Christy can be tipped in cash.  Please place your tip in an envelope with their name on it.  We will not be able to make change.  This is being done to minimize our contact with cash and the need to make change at the Bank.  We appreciate you understanding.

We will not be able to serve refreshments.  Please bring your own drink in your own cup or glass that you can take with you.  

Our stylists will be six feet apart and in addition, there is an acrylic divider separating them.

An acrylic divider is now at the reception desk.  Also there will be acrylic screens for manicures.

We have removed all comforters and blankets from the massage and facial tables.  If you feel like you will be cold, please bring your own small, freshly laundered blanket in a bag that you can take home with you.

Our space will be cleaned with a uv/ozone cleaner each night.  These ozone cleaners kill viruses.

All metal implements will go through a five step cleaning process:  they are normally washed in hot soapy water, sprayed with alcohol, put in sterilizer, sprayed again with alcohol and stored in a sani-pack.  We will add a fifth step - they will also be cleaned in an ozone cleaner.

You will have the option of using disinfect-able buffers and nail files, or paying $2.00 for a new set that can be taken home with you.

Our environmental stewardship fee, which is currently $1.00 is being increased to $3.00 to defray some of the costs of the COVID requirements.

In order to maintain social distancing, we will only be able to schedule two manicures and two pedicures at a time so please keep this in mind when scheduling with friends.

Also, we cannot have extra people in the salon or waiting room, so please plan to attend your appointment by yourself, unless you need assistance.

Regulations prohibit us from having product testers out.  Please ask for assistance if you want to test a product.  Also, please refrain from touching products and placing them back on the shelves.  Let us know what you've touched and we will disinfect it.  This also goes for nail polish when selecting a color.  Bring any polish you touch to the station and we will disinfect it.

In order to minimize the number of people in the space, we will not have a full time receptionist.  Phones will be answered several times during the day.  We ask that you leave a message or contact us by email to schedule your appointments.

During this initial phase of reopening, the shower will not be available for use.  The following services will also temporarily be suspended:  LED face light treatments, teeth whitening, and lash extensions.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this new "normal".  We appreciate your business and have established these requirements to keep you safe, as well as our employees and their families.  If you have any questions, please email us at

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